Home Theater Systems, Installation & Audio Video Setup

Whether you want to call it a Home Theater, Home Cinema, Media Room or some other name, Idaho Smart Homes is the source for all your audio video needs.

Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Designs by Professionals

We provide media project solutions for large and small projects. From concept and design to electronic systems selections and installation, our goal is to provide a single source for your project and exceed your expectations. We know you want a solution as unique as your home. That’s why we offer personal consultations in your home to discuss your goals for the project and to personally view the space available for the home theater. Some homes have dedicated rooms with risers for back row seating, while many others are upgraded living rooms or remodeled basements. Although interior design is part of many projects, home theater design is unique and requires experience with cabling, audio and video systems, control systems and much more. At Idaho Smart Homes we can work with you, your builder or interior designer to make sure your project ends up with the spectacular results you always envisioned.

Electronics Selection Installation and Service 

We have manufacturer direct access to many brands without the overhead of a retail showroom. For the Home Theater fanatic, we can pull out all the stops with all the latest gadgets and equipment. For those desiring an excellent home theater experience with a budget in mind, there are many affordable custom brands and products available that perform just as well or better than the products you might spend significantly more on at stores. It really comes down to personal preferences.  You do not need to spend a fortune, but you still need to stick to quality speakers, amps, and equipment. We focus on meeting your goals while providing the best audio/video brands and equipment for different budget ranges.

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