Technology Discovery


New Home, New Problems?

You may be one of a growing number of home owners moving into a new home with existing technology.  This can sound amazing and it very well may be, but odds are the previous home owner didn't leave the manuals with the home.


We are now offering a 1 hour Technology Discovery program to all new move in home owners at no cost to you!

What's the Catch?

There is NO catch!  We will spend up to an hour with you showing you how to use what's already in the home or helping you connect the wires that were disconnected at some point in the past.

What's Included?

We offer this service for all homes with speakers already installed, or homes that have automation platforms installed.  Technology has changed a lot in the past decade (think about your phone 10 years ago), but many of your products may still work.  If they don't we'll offer solutions on how to get your home back to where it should be.


Home Audio

Surround sound systems, whole home audio, and universal remotes


Lighting and Shades

Smart controllable lights and motorized shades


Security and Cameras

Home security and camera systems



There are many automation and control systems out there that can control your gate, pool, and even water features

What are you waiting for?

Call us today to schedule a FREE discovery of your home!